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Open-source Hardware Facts That You Did Not Know

The world of technology is constantly growing and changing. So much so, that it is difficult for people to keep track with all the innovations and changes. But, you should not fear of falling behind as long as you have us to help you! Read these facts about open-source hardware and discover new things you did not know before.


Open-source hardware, often abbreviated as OSH allows you to get that kick out of making something on your own. Namely, this movement encourages open design and free and open-source software.


This means that you can make your own hardware designs and add software to it, in order to create a device which you need, with the precise specifications that you are looking for in a device.

Sharing Is Caring

It is practically impossible not to share an achievement with the OSH community, so the open-source hardware building techniques, schematics and codes are more often than not shared. IT will also allow you to use all the systems and circuits in a better way.

When Did It All Begin?

Well, the open source reaches back just a decade, since it began in 1997. However, it took a couple of years for the open source to become recognized by major companies, such as OpenCores, Adafruit nad RepRap. However, these years made sure that open-source is solidified and today we have free hardware revolution in every sense of the word!

Yeah, But What About Licenses?

Even though open-source projects use open-source licenses, they do not always go hand in hand with patent law. Most hardware licenses actually should rely on patent law and copyright law, but that is seldom the case. So far we have had the OSS license, but also GPL, LGPL and BSD license.

But you should not forget that your patent is your intellectual property – so, you should do your best to protect it.

Why Not Buy?

Patenting open-source hardware is a lot more fun than buying a product. Sometimes it is cheaper as well. It will allow you to get a custom-made product, designed for what you intend to do with it, there is absolutely no denying that it is the only way to guarantee quality of a product.