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New Minecraft Launcher Will Soon Come To Linux

We love to relax after a hard day of work, and one of the ways we relax is by playing Minecraft. Last year we heard that Mojang is working on a new launcher that doesn’t use Java, but at the same time, we learned that it might not run on Linux.


Luckily, we noticed a light at the end of a dark tunnel – a tweet from one of the Minecraft developers, Nathan Adams: “No official plans for linux, old launcher will continue to be updated for them. I’m gonna try anyway though, but no promises!”

Good people at Mojang

Fast-forward to the present time, we learned that the shiny new Minecraft launcher is coming to Linux! It seems that Mojang hired people with Linux knowledge because they are working on the new launcher to which the Windows users have grown accustomed to.

photoIt is not fully finished yet, but the new launcher should soon replace the dated old Java launcher. If you can’t wait and you want to test the new launcher, you will be glad to know that .tar.gz files have been made available for everyone. You can even find .deb files, and most surprisingly, Arch AUR files – looks like someone working at Mojang enjoys using Arch Linux.

We have tested the launcher, and we haven’t managed to find something to criticize. We can finally say that the new launcher does everything a launcher is supposed to do. But, if you notice any missing dependencies – be sure to let the good people at Mojang know.

Why are we so happy about the new launcher? The answer is easy – it no longer depends on Java. This means that the launcher can now load dependencies through a proper installer.

It is awesome to notice Microsoft working hard to support their game running on Linux, and it is even more awesome to see that some of the developers take the extra mile to support the fans.

The next time you want to have some fun after a day of work. Give the new Minecraft Linux launcher a go – you will notice that it looks much prettier than before and that it finally does what a good launcher is supposed to do.