Superb IT innovations applied in dental clinic

Having healthy and shining teeth is essential in so many ways. Very few health issues go with such a level of pain as the dental issues do. This is a primary reason why everyone strives to maintain dental health. Further, having a sparkling smile is a matter of self-confidence, impressive outfit, and charming trait. While desiring healthy and attractive teeth and smile, too many people avoid dentists due to true dental phobia. However, it all becomes easier once you find trusted, highly professional and quality dentist. Plus, enormous development of modern technology, all sorts of hardware and IT equipment has enabled a true revolution in the dental industry. It has provided a higher quality of diagnostic procedures, the mere treatment and finally, it has made the whole procedure less stressful to patients. Family dental Miami employs the team of open-minded dental professionals who decided to integrate a wide range of the latest superb technology innovations into their everyday working routine. This includes various hardware supporting the computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, intraoral and extraoral scanning and many more. Here are some of the main benefits you’ll get here in clinic relying on modern technologies.

3D printing in digital dentistry

A traditional approach including stone modeling of various implants is slowly being replaced by 3D printing and modeling. This technique is closely attached to introducing of intraoral scanners and more precise techniques of impression taking and it provides far easier, more convenient and long-lasting solutions. This optimized manufacturing process is currently being used for the production of dental models, splints, impression trays, surgical guides and many more assets.

Modern devices for oral cavity detection

A superb specific diode laser, designed to search your mouth cavity and detect various health issues is about to replace traditional manual exploration of mouth done by dentists. The laser is programmed to detect the presence of infection in teeth, determine its extensively and guide the dentists towards proper treatment. The technique is painless and far more convenient compared to the conventional exploration of mouth.

Improved materials for better bonding and filling

One of the biggest problems in classic dentistry is fixing chipped and broken teeth to make it look natural after the procedure. And to make is steady and long-lasting enough. Since modern devices using resin as a specific material have entered the dental industry, this procedure has become easier and far more successful.

Stronger implants

Losing a tooth is a quite common and easy-to-happen serious problem and replacing procedure is a true struggle. With the uncertain outcome sometimes. Even when the mere procedure is done properly, the quality of the replacement determines its lasting and look. Application of the modern ICAT machine enables the creation of a new implant, stronger and more durable than the classic ones, with a 3D crown added. All of this can be performed and completed within one or two visitations to our family dental miami clinic. Aside previously mentioned procedures, we provide a wide range of additional benefits based upon the introduction of modern technology and hardware into dental industry and workflow.

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