Modern society and technology

To understand our modern society today, we need to understand the root of modern technology. Some people believe that we were much healthier and stronger in the past than we are today. This is true because although humans lived shorter, their lives were healthier. Technology made our lives easier, but we became weaker. Some people think that the way of life made us who we are today. This is also true. Technology gave us some good aspects and some bad aspects. The main idea is to take the good aspect and eliminate the bad one. This is not easy because we can’t make a choice. Today we have computers, cell phones, and without them, our lives would be really bad. All modern jobs and communication are possible with the help of internet. But there is a problem that is always out there when we use technology.

EMF wavesRadiation and other bad things are our everyday companions. When we use computers and cell phones, we are being radiated with a dose of EMF waves. These waves are not dangerous, well at least we can’t see the consequences right away. The most important thing that kills our cells is radiation and quality of food. There are too many people in this world, so humanity needed a solution to feed these people. They have produced quantity but not quality. This is also a big problem. We have a lot of food, and the problem is that we are eating too much food. As a result, we have a lot of diseases that are considered to be modern. Modern diseases didn’t exist in the past because the food and the emission of radio waves weren’t around.

How to protect our health?

This is a question which is asked around the world. The real answer is that you can’t protect your health. You can’t work without a computer or a cell phone. You can’t even go to the store without being radiated with light and electric wires. The rubber is around them, but we all know that rubber is not the perfect isolation from these waves. Just imagine the situation where you have to talk with your cell phone. The radiation from an active call is really big. It is so dangerous that your brain temperature increases a few degrees during a couple of minute’s worth of talk. This is pretty serious. We have headphones that protect us from this radiation, but even in the close range of the phone, the amount of radiation is still big. Let’s talk about WIFI for a sec. Do you know that there has been some evidence about the damage of wifi signals? Do you know that cells which are exposed to WIFI couldn’t grow and divide?

What to do?

There are few tips to reduce the radiation and chemicals in your food to live your life in the best possible manner. First of all, you need to reduce the number of calls and of course, try to eat as healthy as possible. Technology can ruin your life, but when you use it properly, it can help you.

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